Primary Contract: Alexis Fire Equipment Company
Construction Sites: Alexis, Illinois and Garland, Texas
Chassis:  International Trucks Severe Service 7400 – 4X4 Crew Cab
Engine: International DT (Diesel Turbocharged) 570
Displacement: 9.3 Liters
Torque: 950 lb - ft
Fuel: Diesel or Commercial Jet “A”
Fuel Capacity: 185 Gallons
Height:  12' 9"
Wheelbase: 14' 7"
Length: 29' 4"
Turning Radius: 27' 3"
Transmission: Allison 3000 Rugged Duty Series with 80,000 lbs. Gross Combined Weight Rating
Frame: Double “C" Channel with 120,000 PSI Yield
Tires: Goodyear – Front: 385/65R22.5     Rear: 11R22.5 G177 M&S
16,500 lbs. - Electric
Body and Treadplate: 
Stainless Steel
30kW Hydraulic PTO, and 12 kW Diesel
Scene Lighting: 
15,000+ Combined Watts
330 Amps
Squad 16 has a full array of electrical equipment in its 24+ feet of vertical rack space including: a multi-path telecom IP system with a 1.2 meter VSAT, a 25 watt BUC, 2 Iridiums, 2 Telulars, 1 router, 2 switches, 8 wall phones, 6 wireless phones, 3 servers, 1 spectrum analyzer, and 3  uninterrupted power supplies.  Radio operations and inter-operability are provided by 2 redundant systems (Raytheon ACU-2000 IP, and ClearCom), 40+ radios, 2 repeaters, an 80 position patch panel, and 50+ antennas mounted on the 11' roof, the 30' mast, and the 50' mast.  Specialized equipment mounted on top of a 50’ mast includes a rescue searchlight, which projects usable light approximately 1.5 miles downrange, mounted alongside two long-range day/night (0.07 lux) cameras, which have a detection range of 4 miles, recognition at 2 miles, and identification at 1 mile.  In addition to the above, there is also a 32X32 video matrix, 13 other cameras, 26 monitors, and a 16 channel DVR.